Thursday, March 23, 2006

Running Code

Golfers have a written code of conduct that goes beyond simply the rules. And, although runners don't have a formal written code, there are runners that lives by a personal code of ethics that they uphold in the name of running. That code is born out of a true appreciation for the kindness and civility that exists at the core of every real runner, even the most competitive ones.

The code is fundamentally not about runners, it's about running. It's about being on the inside, not the outside. And it's about capturing and celebrating the ceremony and experience of running that we all want to live by.

I will push my pace when
I am running with other
people who are clearly
faster than I am.
- Saucony

And that is why I always need a pacer,
especially for an Ol-man Emu.

Where is my pacer??


lifemou said...

where is yr pacer ?u wanna consider the dude C128 as your pacer?...the one in the photo with you...

C-CUBE said...

no lah, that dude runs a lot slower than me how to become pacer!!!