Monday, March 06, 2006

Two Zero Nine (2:09) - 21km

Pre-race target was 2:10 to 2:15. Race day target was 2:00, raising the bar a bit and to challenge and stretch myself to do a sub-2. Worst case if I dont do it, hopefully I will still able to meet my pre-race target. So I started off the race and tekan a bit harder and faster. I was doing 2 minutes faster than my training pace reaching the 10km mark at 57mins. The 2nd half of the race, cannot maintain the fast pace and back to my training pace doing 72mins for 11km, and finishing the race in 2:09:10. I have no complain about it since it is even faster than my pre-race target. Raising the bar on race day was good for me since my mind was set to achieve a new target in the race, too bad my speed endurance let me down. (gotta train harder, and LIFEMOU lets run faster in our next training quest for the next race.) And talking about my running buddy LIFEMOU, I have to thank him for being my running buddy and pacer during our training together. Well so much for KLIM 06 and till we meet again in KLIM 07.

My next focus (together with LIFEMOU) will be diverted to our next challenge and that is climbing the Magnificient One ie Mt. Kinabalu in May 06.

This will be my 5th climb, and I will have 22 of us together, taking the challenge up to the summit via the Timpohon and Mesilau route respectively. This will be another challenge to our body and our mind to reach the summit, especially in the last leg where we have to ascend the summit at nite (trekking for at least 3hrs - 4hrs) with very little visibilty by using a headlight to guide our way up. Coupled with the thin air that can cause difficulties in breathing and altitude sickness with symptons like fever and vomitting. And my biggest experience after all these climb is never under-estimate the weather change in the mountain surroundings. Dont get caught unprepared.

Till then and a good week ahead. Cheers...............


Carboman said...

great run man! calls for celebration!

Chipmunkrock said...

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