Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cheung Kong Chat Hoe (長江七號) aka CJ7

I managed to get onto a pirated DVD of CJ7. Mind you, I didnt buy it but from my cousin son's who invited me to watch it when I was visiting them. Felt bad about all these Cetak Rompak aka Farn Pan CD but what the heck to kill sometime while waiting for my wife who was having her facial treatment.

I wont say anything about the storyline of this movie but you probably know what to expect from Stephen Chow. I love the character of his son, which is actually played by a girl named Xu Jiao and the beautiful teacher played by Kitty Zhang Yuqi.

Overall was a good movie to release some stress and get onto some laughter too. If you have some spare time and loves Stephen Chow's movie, just go and catch it at one of the cinemas in town.


Runnerz said...

Alamak! His son is played by a girl? I thought it was a boy. 0_o

C-CUBE said...

The big fat girl was a BOY, cinya. Dont get mixed up, brader!!!!