Monday, February 11, 2008

Yaya Papaya

I am back from the Chinese New Year festive holidays. Nothing great about this new year. Just with the routine traveling back to Ipoh (my hometown) and Malacca (my wiffy hometown). Traffic was well managed by PLUS with scheduled traveling times suggested by them. I think this plan is working as many road users followed that and eliminate spending many hours on the road before reaching their destination.

Running wise, I only managed a 8k run in Ipoh. The rest of the days are spent on visiting, chit chatting and trying to make some monies on the gambling table thru the wee hours of the morning. The training regime took a break which I think was a good one as this will allow me to recover before the training get a lot more intense in the next 4.5 weeks.

This year I think I could make some drastic decision in getting to do something that I always aspire or dream of doing ever since I started working 20+ years ago. Its too prelim to talk about it but as the plan progresses (hopefully in a positive manner) I will let everyone knows about it and also need the support as well to make my dream successful.

Till then, I will let the RAT take it from here from me.......


CP Waterman said...

Papaya is super fueling food for runners:-
a) help digestion by converting food into simple sugar that can quickly turn into energy for runners.

b) Has certain enzymes that break down protein for better body absorption for muscles repair after run.

c) High anti oxidant that enhances runners' immunity after race.

d) So juicy keep runners stay hydrated.

The ones hanging on the tree in your photo cost about 3 euro each here in Paris. Yaya that's 15Rm per Papaya can't afford to buy here.

But make sure you have lots of them in your frigo in Malaysia!

C-CUBE said...

wah didnt know yaya papaya is such a wonderful fruit. i thot its only good for constipation problem, cinya. now must eat more of the fruit, hehehe!!!!