Monday, February 18, 2008

4 weeks to go and 2 weeks to taper

Yes thats only so much time more to get myself up to a level of fitness before race day on 30 March 2008. Its the same feeling that both DK and Carboman are having. And we are all having the same goal of going out there to enjoy the 42k race of KLIM08. Achieving a better time and PR will always be a bonus at the end of the day, else it will be another race to start the year and enjoy running it to the fullest and cross the line comfortably.

I reckon the route for this year will be the same. The killer stretch that will take the toll of all runners will be from the 35k mark onwards. All the runners need to climb the long hilly stretch of Jalan Maharajalela, then onto Jalan Duta before making a U-turn somewhere in the middle near the Indian Embassy. From here the runners need to run towards the Parlimen House and at this area there will be another hill awaiting for all runners to climb. After this and not more than 500m, the next big hill to climb will be along Jalan Sultan Salahuddin (Wisma Tani) and this is where the 41k mark will be.

This is the killer stretch that will suck up the last drop of energy from everyone, considering you have already cover 41k with 1k more to go. It will be a long stretch of incline that the runners have to overcome before going downhill for the kill (if one still have the reserve). Else at this time, your whole body will be so tired, the limps are just dragging along and if you suffering from cramp, this is the time that it will hit you badly.

This is not a scare tactic but its for real. Just make sure you are prepare for it. Good luck to all who are training towards this race. Cheers.

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