Friday, February 15, 2008

Nak Tak 3.0

This dude is probably the most hated politician in Malaysia. Also kena snubbed by the Indian Government officials when he visited India, and over stay himself (wasting Rakyat's money) just to meet Manmohan Singh. Aneh, boh tah!!!!!

And as usual talk rubbish in Parlimen, over staying in the Malaysia political scene. I pity those fellar in MIC. He does npt have a succession plan or he just does not given the young leaders a chance to leader. What a selfish person he is, and someone leading the MIC party. Its a sorry state if you asked me.

And again he uses the fairer sex as a comparison to old leaking buildings and stinky toilets. As if his mother and daughter is not a women. Isthis the kind of people you wanna vote and represent you in Parlimen. He will just continue to talk kok and dont care about the forthcoming of the Rakyat.

In a recent incident where he went to officiate the ground breaking of a new Tamil school in Petaling Jaya, he was jeered by the community of his own race. Tell me you got face or not when you are jeered by Indians which are suppose to support you all the way because you are the top man of MIC. Apparently not, because he is the most hated men in Malaysia, cinya

And I just cant stand his fake FUZZY hair. Be a man, leave it bald. No hair no hair lah, why wanna hide and show that you have hair.

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