Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nak Tak 1.0

Is this the kind of people you wanna vote and represent you in Parlimen. Maybe these two dudes mother's are not women, or both their parents are GAY, cinya!!! Totally no respect for the fairer sex.

Please remember that you dont get voted to talk kok in Parlimen. And dont forget your salary is all paid by the RAKYAT unless you are involved in heavy corruptions.


cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

how the heck they end up in parlimen malaysia?????
very shocking and appaling to have these 'things' around.
they are definitely NOT humans...they also do not qualify to be animals......i have no idea what they are.
it's a sad sad world we live in...

C-CUBE said...

you see Pak Blah administration is totally screwed. he dont even hv the guts to sack these dudes when that happened in the Parlimen, wat say u brader?? Your vote will make a difference.

Raymond said...

more pls choi! I love it when u write more abt our shitty politics!!!
I love to watch the parliment debate every nite on RTM1 and i really hate this Kinabatangan MP!!

C-CUBE said...

Dr Ray, this is just the tip of the ice berg...there are more that are not exposed. The blasting of the Mongolian gal, the trial is moving like a snail and they hope that ppl will forget abt it.