Sunday, February 03, 2008

KL Towerthon 2008

After doing a 25k on Saturday, I was again ready for today's KL Towerthon vertical run. This is the first time I am participating in this event, and therefore no high expectation of any fast timing. Just wanna get the experience and feeling in climbing up to the top of the tower. So timing is definitely secondary.

The atmosphere was filled with a drizzle in the morning. Participants all over the place were not discouraged by the rain itself and I can see those elite runners doing their warm-ups. The air was cooling and just perfect for a run like that.

The starting point was crowded with all the runners waiting eagerly for the race to be flag off

A group picture of Der PMs participating in the race. The first block to be flag off will be the Mens Open

Buluman and friend

Rich and der Gang

With Tony ~ The Mountain Sifu. I was following him all the way till the finishing

THE FINISHER ~ Junior Veteran Group at the Top Deck of the tower

Overall was quite satisfied with my performance although I think I still have some reserve bearing in mind the LSD that I did yesterday. Well, that doesn't really matters as I said before that I am participating in this event just for the experience of it. The feel is like trekking up to the summit of Mt. Kinabalu but at a much faster pace.


Runnerz said...

After all the marathons, it's nice to do something different, to experience towerthon. Somemore in the rain.

C-CUBE said...

I quite enjoy the vertical run and will definitely be back next year.

AndyC said...

see you next year!!

C-CUBE said...

andy, u have a real humorous way of describing what u got in the goodies bag. can i get ur permission to post it in my blog as well as we(all the mens) felt the same on the panty liners, cinya!!!!!

AndyC said...

yea go ahead :)