Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nak Tak 2.0

Another big mouth here that is wasting der RAKYAT's money for talking rubbish....wat the fcuk are you talking about. Now this bugger is insulting women bloggers. First of all I must asked whether this dude knows what the Internet is all about before insulting bloggers. Secondly does he knows how to blog and have his own blogsite. Thirdly what have civil war gotta do with blogging. And he calls everyone a liar here. I cant stand this kind of attitude and worst case when this talk kok fellar is representing those that had voted for him to represent them in Parlimen. What kind of MP are you.

As the Minister of Tourism, may I asked what have you done for the country, huh huh huh!!!! And this dude was not even shameful to launch VMY2007 twice. That shows that the campaign is totally screwed else no reason to do it twice. Maybe he was so proud of bringing in all the unwanted visitors like the Indons, Bangla, Burmese, and the China dolls.

So are these the fellars you want them to represent you in Parlimen and voiced out your concerns, huh huh huh. Your guess is as good as mine.


CP Waterman said...

Don't tell us he has no part to play in the recent Korean case that got exposed:-

This is just the tip of an iceberg la.
What about those not exposed yet???

C-CUBE said...

850k is small fry, launching VMY2007 the 2nd time will probably benefited him even more, cinya!!!!

VMY 2007 "Truly Asia 2008"

Carboman said...

reading that remarks also cinya tulan liao. what stupid comments. he thinks we're so stupid to believe him ah??

C-CUBE said...

Carboman, yah...i dont respect ppl who talk with no substance. As if the whole world is dumb or wat. Now is the Gen X and Gen Y era, better be smart before saying anything.