Sunday, March 04, 2007

A testing moment

Photo courtesy of Tey ET

This morning KLIM07 Circuit Run 3 (3hrs) was a test for for me to determine whether I should take on the March 18 42k race. The race was flagged off at about 7.15am or slightly later with no more than 60 runners (that was my estimation). Run along with Wong sifu and take each lap slowly and one at a time. We finished 4 laps (2.3k per lap) in about 55mins, and Wong thinks we are doing OK. Under my current condition, I thot I am doing fine too. Although at times my body feel a bit tired and lethargic but manage to regain some energy to move on.

Soon the sun was out and shining on us brightly as we hit Lap 6 and 7, and by now Wong sifu was slightly ahead of me. Luckily there was a water station setup and water + 100Plus are provided else I will be melted by the hot sun. As I hit Lap 9, the heat had taken a toll on me and my level of fitness was going down lower and lower. Continue to push on despite my condition and run slowly just to at least complete running for the 3hrs time limit.

By Lap 10, Wong sifu was no where in sight. I think he is a lot fitter now and he had left me alone running by myself. Now the sun is scroching hot and fortunately for some shades along the way, it has been sapping every bit of energy that I had left in my body. Soon I was doing Lap 11 and my watch showed that I had already ran 2.5hrs.Completed Lap 11 and I was determine to run Lap 12 and based on the timing I shud be able to complete it within the 3hrs time limit. Stop for water and then slowly moved on to ocmplete it. Crossing the finishing line and the official clock showwd 2:56:33, and the distance covered was 27.6km

Although my plan was to do close to 30k in 3hrs, I think I was quite happy with what I have achieved. Now the point here is to make a decision whether to hit the streets on March 18. I know my fitness is not up to the 100% mark that I wanted but after this run I think my body is able to handle it, but I may suffer along the way once pass 30k. I will probably make a decison by next week.


-kev- said...

I don't know how you guys do it. I have never done a training session past 11km. I rather do a few times of 8-10ks per week than a long run on the weekend. I guess also because I haven't got a running gang with me, which makes long runs a bit boring. All the best for KLIM. I'm also planning to do my first marathon in July, Perth Marathon.

C-CUBE said...

kev, yes running alone is tough especially when one is running more than 10k-15k. u defintely need a running gang when training for a marathon or doing a LSD.