Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Running DJ

Whether you called this coincidence or fated, you have to tell me that.

Firstly I met Dany Matias during the collection of bib for the recent KLIM07. Both of us were early at the OCM hall and while waiting for the collection booth to be ready to serve us, we got engaged into a conversation. I got to find out that his profession was a DJ. After probing more, he reviewed that he was a DJ for red 104.9, where he read news and host his own show on Saturday. He mentioned that the station is own by The STAR and asked me to support him by listening more to their station. And while talking, the collection booth is now ready to serve us. It was a good 10-15mins that our conversation lasted, and by the time we collected our bibs, we parted our own ways and wish each other good luck.

Come race day, while I was registering myself to enter the cage......I bumped into Dany again. I greeted him and say hello. He does recognised me but could not remember my name. Out of so many people, I saw him again. Greeted him good luck and not too long after that the race was started. Dany was not in my sight anymore.

And to cut the story short, after I crossed the finishing line of the race and collected my medal and goodies bad, I went straight to the back. There I saw a figure standing there and it was Dany again. It was the third time that I got the chance to see him again. Am I fated to see him over and over again, or izit 3rd time lucky. We exchanged some words and I was made known by him that he finished the race in 4:10, and that was a very good time I told him. Then I said goodbye to him and walked towards where all the PMs are located.

So now I have
a new running fren from the entertainment industries. And maybe we can train together one of these days and he will buy some Saucony shoes from me. Crossed my fingers.

And to give him some support I have been tuning into
red 104.9 for the past two days to check them out. My regular MIX FM station will have to share my airtime with them at least for the time being. Thats the power of the running communities.


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