Sunday, March 25, 2007

A lazy run

Saturday run was a lazy recovery run after KLIM07. Guess who turn up in the morning.....Lifemou. Finally he turn up after MIA for a while. I thot it was a good sign that this fellar is coming back. He can be a very fast runner if he trains well and a good pacer too. Captim Ron aka PM1 was with us too. Little Ant was around too with her fren. As this fren of her is no other than The Gal aka Yee Hua, which ran the first 25k together with me in the recent KLIM07. Lynn, her brother and his fren was also in the run. Today was also the day I tried out the Saucony Triumph4 for a longer run. This will probably be my preferred shoe for PBM07 else will stick to the old faithful Trigon4 Guide.

As usual, Lifemou speed off together with Geraldine and PM1, while Jamie and DK was running in front of us. Just running at talking pace so as to make sure the muscle are well stretch but not stressed too much. In our conversation Little Ant was thinking of doing the full marathon in Singapore this year, which I fully encourgae except that Little Ant had to do more long runs like 25k to build a good foundation. Yee Hua was supposed to move to Singapore permanently sometime in June to join her husband which is no other than Ben Swee aka Ironman Dreamer.

While on the way back Little Ant and The Gal stop running near Tijani. They wanted to take a slow walk back and I continue running back slowly. Taking it very slowly and soon I am back at the carpark at Bukit Aman. Jamie, PM1, Lifemou and Geraldine was having a conversation when I arrived. I joined into their converstaion and after resting for a while went for my shower.

A slow and lazy recovery run after KLIM07. The Triumph4 seems Ok except that the Archlock is a bit tight for my feet. Maybe I shud loosen the shoe string a bit to compensate for its tightness in my next run on it. Else the cushioning is perfect and seems to need very little run in for a brand new rubber trainer.


NEZZ said...

I'm still in my 'lazy' mood too... hope i'll recover soon.. :)

C-CUBE said...

yes very lazy run, slow and if got short cut will definitely take one...hahaha. but come apr, it will start all over again hopefully bearing the motivation of conquering the BRIDGE.