Monday, March 12, 2007


This is a silicon Far-infra RED ArchCare insoles support that I recently got recommended by an Australian orthopedic doctor. He use to prescribe it to people who suffer neck muscle pull, stiffness on the shoulder (due to sitting posture especially working with computers) and sprain on the spine. On top of that he also prescribe it to runners who suffer from arch pain problem, heel problem and especially to super over-pronators. I believe this product are very similar to those offer by Foot Solutions where they so call customised a full insole for you and insert it into your shoes (and that cost a minimum of RM 480) to provide arch support. Over time those rubberise insole will give way bcos of wear n tear, and you have to buy another one.

The two pieces of silicon insoles from ArchCare are strong enuf to support the total body weight and does not give way. It will enable your whole body frame to be straightly align while standing, walking or even running. It is design by specialist for complete comfort while wearing it. According to a research done on this product in Taiwan, 90% of the people tested after wearing the ArchCare insoles, had managed to reduce or eliminate pain in their feet, knees, spine and pelvis.

In actual fact while wearing the ArchCare insoles it does strengthen the heels and ankles whilst preventing it from injuries. The key advantages are that the ArchCare insoles distributes your body weight evenly over the feet. It does realigns and relieves imbalances of your body, thereby restoring proper foot movement. On top of that it asborbs shocks from walking, running and playing other kind of sports whereby it provide support and protect your legs, feet and spine.

Am trying out the ArchCare insoles for the past 3 weeks and it actually eases the stiffness of my neck and shoulders that I am having for a while. I had also have the insoles in my training rubber and run with it over short distances, and I do feel the stability that it provide and also give me protection on my heel injury/pain that I sustained 6 months ago from recurring.

I am currently carrying this product as a complimentary to my Saucony shoes, especially for those who are suffering from those injuries and pains as mentioned above. If you are having such problem, do let me know and I can always arrange for an explanation and demo to show you the effectives on the ArchCare insoles.

Selling price: RM398 per pair (1 set)
Promo price: RM 570 (2 sets)

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