Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pimp Your Ride

More runners are spending big bucks on orthotics. Should they be in your shoes, too?

Read On, a contribution from the Runners World.

And that leads to a product that I am also recommending not only to people who have shoulder pain problem, neck muscle ache or knee pain problem but also to runners. More infor on the archcare orthotics.


CP Waterman Yap said...

Hello Ccube:
I hv persistent upper back pain. Had ruptured my right achilles tendon back in 1988 and operated in UH, M'sia. I May hv 1 leg longer than the other. could this be the root cause of the pain??
Thanks anyway!!
Take care!

-waterman aka H20 or Sub sub H20

C-CUBE said...

yap, cud be the cause although i may not be the right person to tell you that. an orthopedic will be able to diagnose and confirm that. but my dr fren fr OZ always stress that our body structure must always be straight especially at the spinal cord area (fr neck to hip). any thing that is out of alignment will cause different kind of pain fr different area of the body.

I use to have muscle stiffness on my shoulder and pain on both sides on my neck bcos of the way i sit while working long hrs on the computer. after wearing the archcare support, it actually reduces the pain and strain esp when i work long hrs on the computer. so far its helping me.

my wife is also using it now bcos she had a fall and hurt her back. her spinal cord is not straight from top to the waist, and always have backache and cant walk for long esp like shopping. since wearing the archcare support, she is feeling much better now, although its not completely gone. need sometime to align the structure.