Friday, March 09, 2007

Productivity & Delivery Excellence

This coming Sunday will be the SMART Tunnel Run, and will be flag off by our PM aka Pak Lah. And I believed there will also be lotz of VIPs around too. One of them will be Samy V, who will make sure there isnt any cracks in the tunnel else he will be in trouble again. I will be looking forward to the run since it will be a once in a lifetime that one can run in the tunnel minus the traffic. In fact once the tunnel is open to public, there is no way runners like us can run in there provided it is on a special occasion.

The run will officially start at 7.30am in phases because it will be flag off by categories ie not everyone will start at the same time. Maybe the organiser does not want it to be overcrowded to avoid any untowards accidents, which I think is a good idea. But the biggest challenge of a race is to start it on time, besides having a well organize event. Many a time, we runners have to wait for those inconsiderate VIPs to take thir own sweet time to come to the event and flag off the race. This actually pisses off everyone. When we runners can come on time for an event why not the VIPs???

So coming bcak to this Tunnel Run event which will have Pak Lah flagging it off plus I believed tons of VIPs will be present too. I sincerely hope that they are considerate enuf to be on time and punctual, and not let everyone wait for them. Isnt it there is a service call Outrider Service given to them when they attend official functions. Dont tell me they cant wake up on time or there is a traffic jam someway. Anyway its early on a Sunday morning and traffic will not be heavy.

And since Pak Lah emphasize on PRODUCTIVITY and DELIVERY EXCELLENCE, I hope he keep to his words and be punctual, and also make sure his boys do the same too. How can you be productive when the VIPS are always not punctual. That sets a really bad example, and how to be COMPETITIVE like that!!!!

I hope this can be spread out by our running frens and communites to ensure that VIPs are on time for any event they are attending. NO EXCUSES!!!!! else they are shooting on their own foot and not WALK THE TALK on what his/her boss ie PAK LAH is striving.

Can all the VIP fellars do it?...... letz have our runners voice made known to them!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ya, ccube, I'm also thinking of the same thing. I've not run many races but so far all of them were flagged off on time. When I think of VIPs I cannot help but associate them with being "fashionably late". Ha ha! Hope we won't have to wait till the cows have gone home to run into the tunnel.

C-CUBE said...

haza, yes just bcos u are a VIP, one cannot behave and take advantage of others. Being punctual is part of one's manners...means you are looking forward to that meeting/event and being considerate. Sad to say, our VIPs cud not care less, all they know is their own benefits. How sad, how sad...and they are not practising what they preach....thats even worst!!!

Carboman said...

para vip sekalian

tolonglah datang awal. kami nak lari seawal mungkin bukan nak bersembang di bawah pokok sambil bercakap-cakap politik, menghirup kopi...

tolonglah. harap maklum dan terima kasih

C-CUBE said...

Encik Carboman,

Terima kasih banyak banyak kerana ada pandangan yang sama. VIP itu cukup dibenci oleh semua para peserta lumba marathon kerana tidak hadir pada waktu yang tepat and juga tidak mengambil kira perasaan semua peserta yang selalu tunggu lama untuk pelumbaan dimulakan.

Kepada semua para VIP yang akan menghadiri pelumbaan SMART Tunnel pada hari Ahad ini, sila bangun dari tidur awal sikit and sampai ke tempat permulaan lumba seawal mungkin.

Ini bukan mesyuarat Parlimen dimana awak bolih tidur semasa ia dijalankan.

Bangun awal, badan pun segar!!!!