Sunday, March 11, 2007

SMART Tunnel Run 2007 Race report

Reached the race site at about 6.15am and parked at Pasar Rakyat. I was early and did some warmup and stretching. At about 6.20am, Zul turns up besides my car and he was suppose to try on the Saucony running shorts and the Fastwitch Speed size 9 (US). Turns out fitting for him and he decide to purchase.

We make our way to the race site and and the place is oredi filled with runners. Find a place to wee wee and then walked around the area since the race wont start until 7.30am. Bumped into der Pacemakers team and took some photos together. As usual the PA system was blasted out loud with all kinds of announcement and soon the Mens Open category were asked to assemble outside the narrow road. As usual there was choas from a logistic and getting the runners assemble at the starting line. Last minute the organiser was asking those teams that have not register themselves tro do so. This delay for another 2-3 minutes.

As usual the VIPs are late (this ppl never learn and refer to my topic on Productivity & Delivery Execellence). Pak Lah gave us a rain check and did not turn up for the flag off. No reason was given....typical Malaysia fashion. One specky VIP dude was to replace him but he raises the gun for so long to allow the press to take picture. Fire the bloody gun lah for god sake!!!! After some 3-5mins he finally fired the gun and the race got started.

The Veteran category are to assemble for our turn to start. Now to make matter worst, the ladies are lining up together. I thot that category will be the last to start. Soon those FTAAA offices are seen shouting that those poor ladies not to come into the pen. Come on, at least speak nicely to people lah, no need to shout one. That VIP dude did the same thing again, hold the gun up for awhile for pictures. Aiyoh, have not take pictures before meh. Then the veterans became uneasy and annoyed and start howling!!! After some 2 minutes or so, our race got started. This run will be an easy run for me, and I will be take pictures along throughout the run.

We ran out onto Jalan Tun Razak towards the Indonesian Embassy and do a U-Turn before running into the lubang oppps I mean the Tunnel...hehehe!!!! Its quite narrow and on top of the ceilings were two giant exhaust fans like those Boeing/Airbus engines. The maximum height for all vehicles is 2m. CAUTION: Do not drive a SUV and mount your bicycles on top, you will not be able to clear the 6m clearance.

I notice the beginning of the tunnel are all orange/yellow lights while the inside are all white lights. As I ran inside the tunnel, everything looks the same. Soon I reached a water station, and to mu horror it ran out of water. TNS!!!! So no choice have to move on. Soon I reaches the exit of the tunnel where he joins back to the Sg Besi highway at the TUDM landing strip. We are suppose to do a U-turn here to go back where we came from.

After the U-turn, all the runners have to masuk lubang again, ooopps run into the tunnel again. From here we have to make our way back to the race site where we started. Reach a water station and luckily this time there are water for us, otherwise I will be so dry and dehydrated. After about 30mins running I finally saw light at the end of the tunnel. Came out near the Wisma Time area and turn left into the road leading us back the starting point. I sprint a bit here and cross the finishing in 1:19:37.

Overall the race was not that well organised. I think it needs improvement. In future if the race is a yearly affair dont even bother inviting the VIPs, waste of time. They have no significance to this kind of event let alone contribute. The tunnel are very humid and stuffy, and I cant imagine myself stuck inside the tunnel when my car have problem or have a tyre puncture. Can imagine if there is an accident and it block of traffic flow. Hopefully the SMART Tunnel team are well equipped to handle such incidents. We are paying toll to use the tunnel and better be sure the services are highly efficient.

But at the end of it, it was a good experience running underground inside the tunnel.

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Hengster said...

I called this run the Sauna run!