Thursday, March 08, 2007

Picking up the pieces

Rested on Monday and resumed some light workouts running 4k on Tuesday morning, 6k on Wednesday morning and 6k again this morning. Am feeling the confidence in regaining my fitness and my legs doesnt feel that heavy anymore during the morning runs.

Also visited the doctor to check my BP and reading were 130/80 and 140/80 over two days respectively. The doctor is still not happy with my results although it had came down from a high of 160/100. Recommedation is to go on a low dosage of medication to prevent any thing major from happening (since its in my genes where my dad had a history of high BP). But good thing is that he had given me clearance to continue running and as long as I feel good with it, I should be able to cope with it as well.

So with the results, I shud be at the starting line for the 42k race on March 18. For me its not about the timing but the ability and the guts to stand at the starting line to start the race and finish it within the qualifying time. Luckily the starting time is early ie 4.30am and hopefully I wont get melt by the scroching sun.

I see you all at the Tunnel Run before the big day, and this run will be a fun run for me where I will be running with my camera again.

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