Thursday, September 14, 2006

Who let the dogs out

I am upgrading myself to the DSLR range of camera. The normal digital camera will be used for point and click, and for my runs. I am currently tossed between the Nikon D80 and the Canon EOS400D. Both models are newly launched in the market, and there are very little differences between them. Gotta go to the shop and check them out, and also based on some professional recommendations from my circle of frens which are semi-pro in this field. But it will definitely burn a hole in my pocket ~ RM4000 and above. And its an expensive hobby to get into.


Scorcorn9 said...

CCude just dun hv a chance to get to know you in person. One day sometime.

Photography is my hoppy. I own a Nikon D70 and also those point n shoot portables. I found that these DSLR just perform like those point n shoot except the speed of operation is much faster than those mini point n shoot. DSLR, press the button, auto focus, snap. Any difference?. If you are ready to go into manual mode to play around with some setting to get some creative shots, DSLR is best. Fast action shots, DSLR is best.
But if u planning for a just plan n shoot, do not look at DSLR but of course holding one just might give u the oooomph and professional feel

C-CUBE said...

Thx for the advise, and hope to meet you soon too. R u running in this weekend Mizuno 10k. I am fully aware what I am getting into and you have given a fair comments on DSLR and thos point n click camera. Creative shots are what i am looking at now, so i know I can only do it with DSLR but investment is high too. I am in no hurry in getting one, still evaluating.