Saturday, September 30, 2006

Rain rain come my way

The pre-dawn rain over the nite had created a perfect condition for this morning run. Although a few of the regular members were missing due to some other activities that they are into, we are not short of runners. Chipmunkrock was around, and joined by the Pacemakers group like DK, Tey, Jason Learn2Eat and der PM1. The weather was cooling and I was cruising effortlessly to enjoy the great weather. Although I experienced slight uncomfort due to the pain I had on my heel, I managed to pull thru. The pain doesnt seems to bother me at all as the run progresses. So long I did not put pressure on it by running too fast I think I am fine. Just needed to have enuf rest to ensure it heals completely. After the run, was introduced to Lawrence (another Pacemakers) and had the chance to meet Tony (one of the Penquins). He invited me to do a 30k training run at Putrajaya which he is organising on Oct 21 (Sat) which is on Deepavali day. Well, not too sure whether it is too early to do a 30k run when it is still at least one month away from the Singapore Marathon race.

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