Tuesday, September 12, 2006

1st anniversary of Comeback

My first race when I decided to make a comeback to long distance running was at Putrajaya Marathon 2005. After completing last weekend race at the same venue, it was exactly one year since I made that comeback. I slashed off at least 30mins from the timing of last year race. Within the year I considered myself progressing well based on the limited number of trainings and competitive race that I am doing. So far so good, and no complains. Slowly picking up the leftover business that was done 15 years ago. I think I am heading towards the right path and take things easy. No timing pressure and targets for me on any runs, just enjoy the race. I think this strategy suits me well because I am able to run better with no pressure on myself. And what do you expect a 44 year old man do,.....run a sub 1:30 half marathon and sub 3:30 full marathon. You are totally insane but this is what i can achieve during my peak ie when I am between 28-32 years old. Running with a small cute camera is my new found interest. I will do more photos capturing in future runs. So much for the 1st anniversary.

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Dinesh said...

Putrajaya 2005 was where it all began for me. I had just started running and had joined this group from Klang who persuaded me to join the 10k. 300 medals were being given and I was lucky enough to come in position 297 which inspired me to continue running.