Monday, September 18, 2006

Pacesetters Mizuno 10k (17 Sept)

In this race I must admit I have set a target for myself but its something I know I can achieve. Although I did not put too much pressure on myself to achieve it but based on my current form, I know I can do it. Just a matter of how well I can do it. The target was a sub-1 hr timing, nothing more than that. Even a timing of 59 mins 59 secs will do. So the pressure ease of a bit, in fact probably not a pressure at all. I know I will run better under a no pressure condition.

Feeling good on race day except that my legs are still feeling a bit sore. Not fully recovered from the Putrajaya race. Sensing that there will be a large crowd, so I decided to leave home earlier to get a parking slot (kiasu a bit). Reached the Bukit Aman carpark at around 0615 and its already filled up with lots of car. Found a slot and get changed. Do some stretching and saw Carboman arrived. Greeted each other and continue to do some stretching and started walking towards the starting point in Padang Merbuk at about 0700.

Met the usual running frens and bumped into Megat (my colleague), Karen and her daddy, Cheong SH, Wong sifu and William. Having a usual chit-chat with them and out of nowhere the horn sounded, and the race had started. No speech, nothing......dont waste anytime. The big crowd of orange runners were filling the road, and I have to run on the pavement. Its a bit dangerous and especially with these kind of crowd. Sure enuf not too long after running, one man trip and fell on the ground. Try to help him up but there are other runners nearer to him and who got him back on his feet. Nothing serious except maybe for the shock of tripping himself onto the ground.

My strategy was to do a faster pace in the beginning taking the hills because I have to do catch up since I am almost at the back of the pack, and also the big crowd slows me down. Thats what I did, taking the hills in a faster pace, and slow down a bit at the down hill. Maintain the same pace all along to conservce some energy for the double-hills. Once out of Kenny Hills and onto the highway, take the slight uphill at a steady pace. Race at a much faster pace after the right turn towards the National Monument before ending at the finishing line. Crossed the line at 57 mins 58 secs. Was a good time for me, and no complain. This is the first 10k race that I dipped under 1 hour since my comeback.

Mingled around at the race site, some photo session and finally I met DK in person. Bumped into Eugene and YiXi at the one of the drink stations. After this left the race site together with Cheong so that we can joined the Terry Fox carnival run.

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