Sunday, September 03, 2006

A lazy run

Date: 2 Sept 2006 (Saturday)
Time: 0600
Place: Lake Gardens

This was a run that I needed badly after 3 weeks of travelling and totally no running at all. I needed it to tell my body that I am back and next week there is a 21k race in Putrajaya. The run started of with 2 other running buddies in a lot slower pace then normal. I was not putting pressure on myself since I know this is more like conditioning myself all over again after the long layoff. We talk a lot catching up on things that happened for the past three weeks when I am out of town. It was a very very easy pace cruising along the usual route towards Sri Hartamas. We reached the Petronas station in about 1hr 15mins very comfortably. Rested for awhile and got our drinks and do the loop back. The return leg was done at almost the same pace except that now my legs are feeling a bit tired and not very strong in taking the slopes. I just paced myself slower as I hit the slopes and got back to normal pace on the straights and downhill. All three of us had been talking a lot in this run as we just want to make sure we will condition ourselves and be ready for next week race. Timing is not over concern for Putrajaya half marathon. We will be out there to enjoy it. As we talk and run, we hit back to the Bukit Aman carpark in about 2hrs 17mins. Thats not too bad a timing for me and if I run at that pace, I can finish next week race probably under two and a half hours. The only concern is both my legs are very tired after the run. Bumped into Carboman who had just finish his running clinic, and he was asking me whether I am running next week. My answer to him was "SURE, I will run and lets run together", since our condition are almost very similar. He was probably very busy with his work that he is finding no time to train.

Anyway I wont be running much next week before the race since I will be travelling again on Wednesday and only be back on Friday. Well NO FEAR, no matter what I will hit the tarmac of Putrajaya with my rubbers. Seeya at the starting line.......

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