Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Savoey Seafood Restaurant

Have you ever input a real bad review of a restaurant in Yahoo! Travel, and in a few days later it got taken out or deleted from the site. I am not sure who did it, but why asked for reviews and when the reviews are bad its taken out/deleted. The reviews I made was for the abovementioned restautant in Phuket. Now I am making it official in my blog so that customers do not faced the same bad experience that I got from them.

Savoey Seafood Restaurant This place sucks BIG time. If this is how Phuket is going to revive their tourism biz, this restaurant have to be tightly scrutinised. The service is BAD, food is BAD especially the fish and prawns that we ordered. It tasted like rotten meat. Complaints fell to deaf ears. Overall offering is a BIG Thumbs Down. BADDDDD!!!! Worst still they charged us for the tom yam soup that they didnt deliver to one of the tables. Doesnt admit their MISTAKE and insist that we pay. They even challenged me when I told them that I will make an official complaint to The Tourism Board of Thailand. Behaved like a bunch of gangsters. NEVER GO THERE !!!!

Rating: 1 (Worst)

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