Sunday, September 10, 2006

Putrajaya Half Marathon

The day started of with my PDA phone alarm ringing at 0400. I need to be at the race site earlier since I need to pass the bib to Eugene and son. Wash up, do my business and left home at around 0435. Was also not exactly sure of the place since this year the starting line is different from last year. The early journey will also give me ample time in case I am lost and cant find the place. Reached race site at about 0530 and parked my car 2 blocks away from the staring line. Got a call from Eugene asking me for directions to the race site and where to meet him to pass on the bib.

Met Eugene and YiXi, passed them the bibs. Managed to see the starting of the 42k race. Not many runners though. Maybe its too near to the Penang International Marathon. Then bumped into Francis Toh and Wong Sifu, and after that William. All of us checked into the runners area and the race started at 0630 sharp.

I have put no pressure on myself on any timing. Anything between 2:00 to 2:15 is fine with me. Since this was the first time I am carry a camera in a race, I was also taking quite a fair bit of pictures along the race. Bumped into Cheong and ran along with him for a couple of minutes and I moved on. Then I caught up with Jamie which started in the front of the pack. After a couple of minutes, I decided to move ahead and taking more pictures along the way. The experience was quite fun taking pictures while running. The only setback is that there is a lot of catch up to do since you practically slow down or stop to take the pictures of the runners. I clocked 53mins at the 10k mark.

After the 12k mark, I decided to push ahead and no more taking pictures from here and concentrate on my run. I was feeling good all this while and decided to increase my pace. Water stations were sufficient giving runners lots of fluid (water and isotonic drink). Kilometre after kilometre and in no time I was at the 17k mark which is near the Shangri-La Hotel loop. The water sprinkler around this area was refreshing. Ran thru that and turn left running towards the Putrajaya Mosque. From here I think it is probably another 3k before we hit the finishing line. At this juncture, my pace had slow down a bit. It is getting hotter by now and I just focused to maintain my pace and not falling behind.

I was looking for the finishing sign from afar but cant see it. Then I remembered we are running at a different direction (ie at the back of the finishing podium), and therefore my guess is that all the runners have to make a loop some way to end at the finishing line. True enuf with 2k to go, all the runners need to do a left turn, run on a parallel road, do a loop and finish. The last 1k was a long and winding road that never seems to end. The sun was shining on me and its getting even hotter by now. My pace was affected by it, but I just focus and pushed on. Finally all the runners are required to make a right turn and ran another 400m to the finishing line.

As I crossed the line, my timing was 2:03:10 with a position of 214 wriiten on a blue card given to me by one of the race officials. Although towards the last 2k, I was aiming for a sub-2 finishing but then I have no complain at all with this timing. I truely enjoy the race, a very well organised race indeed and I will be back again next year. Full Marathon.....well, i will think twice because this place is hot.

Seeya next year......


lifemou said...

keh-see-keh-see..say no training+run with camera come do so well?

got leng-lui marathon gals inspiration izit???

C-CUBE said...

yah man, u missed all the actions!!!!

Dinesh said...

Wah great run man! See ya in the Mizuno race this Sunday, btw I don't really know how to identify you, let me see if any of your old postings have a pic of you.

Dinesh said...
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