Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I am hitting the airport again going out of country for another business trip. This time for the country biz offsite to rally the team in putting up their plans, initiatives and strategies to go after the new target given to us. Thats corporate life.....I wonder anyone wants to be in it. It does pay well (I mean better than a local company) but the stress level is also higher. Hopefully the intake of B Complex will help me to reduce that.

I would said MNC have very good processes to track and measure all the ups and downs, and thats why most of them are very successful in running their biz. Unlike some locally own company, and if some of them behave like a MNC (50% will do), I believed Malaysia will be more competitive. When it comes that, I will probably have to give it to the Singaporeans. They definite do better in that field although they have that Kiasu mentality but it made them a lot more competitive.

So much about that. I will be at The Lost Souls Island aka Phuket Island for this biz outings. People asked me whether its safe to go there.....and with me thinking in silence, my fingers tapping the table. My answer was "What do you mean by safe, Is Malaysia safe????" Hopefully those wandering souls were blessed and RIP, otherwise izit worth wandering around Patong town for a nite sinful thots OK. You can go to the all the likes of Simon Cabarets and paint the town red, but if you see it once you see it all. I would said Phuket have a lot more to offer than that. Just stop by a water joint and have a drink with your frens is good too. Enjoy the movement of the traffic of tuks-tuks and tourists walking up and down. And shopping, well I have done mine during the recent Vegas trip. And one of my lady colleague shouted out "Bras are good and cheap in Phuket.....well, let me check that out !!!

And I will be back in time for Putrajaya 1/2 Marathon........

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