Monday, May 01, 2006


After almost 4 months of planning and arrangement, and running as part of the training regime, the day is coming close for me to make my 5th climb in Mt Kinabalu. Next Thursday 4th May 2006, I will be flying to Kota Kinabalu with a group of friends for this climb. I am hoping for good weather (the last climb, our group were facing extreme bad weather and coldness) so that the climb will be a lot easier especially for a number of 1st timer in the group. This will also hopefully reduces the chances of people getting sick and altitude sickness.

I am looking forward to this climb since I will be accompanied by a "SIFU" whose second love is mountain trekking. He had been to numerous climbs in different mountain around Malaysia and his vast experience will definitely spurs the group of not giving up when we are facing challenges of sorts as we ascend towards the summit. Although this time, the group were faced with numerous pullout, that doesnt dampen my spirit in organising and getting the group to move on. Pullout or stay, the show must go on and I will ensure the group will enjoy the climb as much as they can. As usual and for the second time, my running buddy LIFEMOU will be together for this climb. We will also be putting a nite at Poring Hotspring after our descend from the summit and a dip in the hot sulphur pool will ease off all the aches in our body, arms and legs.

As the LCCT is now open for all AirAsia flights, we will be travelling to KK via the new terminal and hopefully the checking-in and boarding will be smoother and faster(without the crowd of KLIA). As I am writing this, I am also jotting down all the necessary items that I need to bring along before I start packing in the next one to two days. Things like warm clothing, the number of pieces of clean clothing to necessary medications in case I suffer from altitude sickness or anyone that needs such medication when reaching a higher altitude. Just wanna make sure I dont missed out any small items which can be very important when the need arises.

Till then and wish me all the luck.......


Carboman said...

have fun you guys!

C-CUBE said...

thx and u shud one day make a trip up to the summit. its a whole new experience altogether!!!