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Mt Kinabalu - Day One

Day One - 4 May 2006

Started the day early and left for LCCT-KLIA at about 8.30am. Just wanted to be early since I need to be there to meet up everyone and they are some of them that I don’t even know. This will be the first time I am meeting people like Eugene Lee and son Yi Xi (Raman’s friend), Karen (Ben’s friend), Wong Teck Min (William’s friend) and Felix Tan (Tan’s friend). Yeok had gone to KK earlier for a backpacking trip and will meet us somewhere in KK town when we arrived.

Reached LCCT-KLIA, and tried looking for a place for breakfast since our flight is only at 11.10am. Still have lots of time. After walking around, the only place to eat is either McDonald fast food or a Chinese restaurant called Asian Cuisine. Opted for McDonald breakfast but it wasn’t cheap. Cost the same as what we are charged for a breakfast meal at KLIA terminal. Low Cost Carrier Terminal, High Cost Meal – something is not right here.

After breakfast, SMS to those whom I know about where my location was while waiting for them. Karen came in first, followed by Ben, then Sean, Eugene and son Yi Xi, Tan and Felix and finally William and Wong (which have already check-in). All of us hurried to the check-in counter and get ourselves and luggage check-in.

Touched down at T2 KK airport and was greeted by Cecilia, Veronica and Mohd (The Borneo Wildlife Adventure team that I engaged for this climb). Everyone introduced to each other and its time for us to go for lunch. I suggested the Kadazan Chinese restaurant that serves fish ball and fish paste noddles. But before we head to the place, needed to pick up Yeok which stays at the Borneo BackPackers in Lorong Dewan. Luckily the location is very near to the place for lunch.

After lunch, stop at Tong Hing store for everyone to shop for some groceries before heading towards the mountain where KK Parks is which we will put up a nite. Everyone seems to buy a fair bit a stuff (maybe its peer pressure)

And we have our 2 hours van ride up to the parks.


Reached KK Parks and Mohd help to get everyone registered and we head towards the two unit of lodges that were booked for us. We have ample rooms for all and I got everyone to take a look at the place and make a decision which unit do they want to stay in. Some of them are so fascinated by the scenery and the environment at the parks that they disappear for a while wandering around before coming back. Once settled down, we decided to adjourn to dinner at 8.00pm. Before that, met with a big group of Japanese which was having the College Alumni Gathering. They are also together going up to the summit tomorrow. The youngest climber is 60 years old while the oldest one in the team is 66 years old. This group of Japs will put lots of people to shame.


After the dinner and a chit-chat session to get to know everyone better, Eugene suggested that we should carry our things up to Laban Rata. No porter required. After the session, we decided to call it a nite and I adjourned to my room and try to catch up with some sleep. Need to wake up at 6.00am tomorrow to start our ascend earlier. Was sound asleep and don’t know what happen until 5.30am the next morning.

To be continued........

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