Saturday, May 20, 2006

Being Charitable

If you still remembered about 5 months ago, I have launched this charity campaign together with my running buddy LIFEMOU to secure sponsorships/donations for the climb. Our mission were to secure the funds and climb Mt Kinabalu (at our own expenses) and making it to the summit. All proceeds will be given to MAKNA. Both of us went to visit MAKNA and have them issue us a letter of authority to collect sponsorships and donations on behalf of them for this campaign.

Indeed this exercise was an eye opener for both of us and we learn many things that we are totally not aware of when comes to organising a charity campaign. It just caught us offguard and it is also just not so simple going out there to ask for sponsorships and donations. Doing it by asking is not an issue, but the biggest challenge is that whether the organisation and the people that you talk to are willing to give or not. That is the challenging part. Moreover both of us felt that you definitely need a solid campaigning infrastruture to give support to ensure things are running smoothly without having to worry about everything.

After this experience, I strongly believe that there are organistions and people who are willing to give and yet there are petty ones who can give you hundred and one reasons why they are not supporting this kind of activities. I just think that majority of Malaysian do not believe in donation especially when they dont getting anything out of it. Thats just my personnal view point based on what I have experienced and I reserved my comments on it. I could be totally wrong.

Coming back to the campaign, and luckily with the help of one of our climb members, a father+son combination have managed to secure some sponsorships/donations from some charitable people and charitable organisations. As like what the American said "WALK THE TALK", both LIFEMOU and myself are also pledging a personal donation towards the fund that is going to MAKNA. Right now the fund stands at around RM3000, nothing to shout about but I believe this small amount will have some meaning and provide some financial assistance to those cancer patients out there that needs the financial support.

Money, Money Money
Must be funny
In the rich man's world

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