Monday, May 29, 2006

B-Zee Weekend

26 May 2006
Last weekend started on the Friday itself, having a gathering at Eugene's house. The host was very hospitable offering good food, good wine, nice environment, etc, etc which is just perfect for a group gathering. The session dont end until 12 midnite when we call it a night so as not to create inconvienence to the host and his neighbourhood.

27 May 2006
Woke up at 5.45am to be ready for a 2oKm run. I was very skeptical on whether my running buddy LIFEMOU will turn up or not. Eugene and YiXi will be there to join us for the run too. Arrived Bukit Aman carpark, Lake Gardens slightly late at about 6.40am. Got a call from Eugene that he will be about 10mins late. At that moment, I still dont see any sign of my running buddy and I am pretty sure he wont them up. FFK on us!!!!! Eugene and XiYi arrived and we do some warm up and started slowly at almost 7.00am. Eugene cycled with us since he is on medication and was advised by the doctor not to run for the time being. Finished the run in slightly over 2 hours and get home.

In the afternoon went to Endah Parade in Sri Petatling for foot relexology together with wiffy. It was definitely good after a long run and very relaxing. Although it is quite painful at certain nerve points but overall I felt good after the session. Went to do some shopping on a sofa set (replacement of the current one) which I have always been delaying. Found one set which is a 3+2 that the whole family are happy with in terms of comfort and space to accomodate it. Paid the deposit and the set will be deliver by this coming weekend. Everyone is happy now, looking forward to a new sofa set at home and we adjourned for dinner.

28 May 2006
Have to wake up early to get my two kids to attend their Youth and Children Day celebration at their Buddist Sunday school . The session starts from 7.00am till 2.00pm with lots of activities where they start of with a chanting session, follow by performance by the youth and children, some musical performance by an outsider, games and sing-along session.

Back home and send my two cars for washing after two weeks with dirt all over them. Both of them look much more beautiful after the wash and clean-up. The next thing was gardening (the family was involved) since the garden are in a mess with lots of unwanted weeds. Trimming of plants, changing of soil and adding fertilizers are part of the gardening routine. Wanted to go for a brisk walk around the neighbourhood with the family but is already too late. An excuse to get them do more exercise since next week, all of us will be on a vacation trip to Siem Reap where there are lots of walking to be done. Anyway my wiffy and the 2 kids are quite fit, not to worry about them. Ended up the two kids went cycling and we had an unexpected guest that turn up at our home. Entertained them till they left.

Then is dinner time and Monaco F1 screening on the tube. Alonso is the champ again pitting the McClaren Mercedes and also the Ferraris (anyway they are no where to be seen during the race) No blogging and powering up the computer since I am dead tired. Get onto bed and sleep thru out the nite.


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