Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mt Kinabalu - Day Two

Day Two – 5 May 2006

Woke up and manage to catch the sunrise at a corner. Not a very good view but at least the sunrise in case I don’t get to see one at the summit. And hopefully I can reach the summit. Praying for a good weather for our ascend this morning and the rest of the day.

The van arrives to pick everyone up for registration at the park counter. Mohd helped us to sort out all the nitty gritty things and also identified our 2 guides ie Biling and Alvin. Some of us need to weigh our luggage that needs to be carry up to Laban Rata and the two guides double up as porters too. A number of us decided to comply to what Eugene had told us to do last nite ie Carry our stuff up. I weighed my backpack and the scale shows 8kg. Not bad, and I will carry 8kg of extra load together with me up to Laban Rata.

Eugene + Yi Xi + Sean are going up via Timpohon Trail and the rest of us (Tan, Felix, Wong, William, Karen, Yeok, Ben and myself) were convinced that the Mesilau Trail is a more scenic one. We boarded our bus respectively heading towards the different gate to start our ascend.

We passed thru Kundasang Village on our way to Mesilau Gate. Everyone was ready to go after registering themselves at the Mesilau counter. All of us took off slowly, enjoying the view and I was the sweeper of the group to ensure all especially the first timer are feeling comfortable and OK with the terrain.


As we pushed further into the jungle, the group started to disperse themselves and most were either trekking in pairs or alone, but not a far distance away. Just in case we need to call for help, the people in between can response immediately. Biling the guide, was together with both the ladies that were behind. Yeok was busy taking photos along the way. Karen was struggling a bit but she seems to be fine, only walking slower.


I reached one pondok where it sits in the open air. No more jungle and forest at this location. The path that the pondok is located, actually joins the mountain range that we just conquered to another one. There I saw Ben and Wong taking their rest and munching come food for lunch. Ben was busy distributing oranges to us. What a refreshing moments eating oranges a couple of thousand feet above sea-level. Wong took off after that and William is no way to be seen. This boy is very strong and fit this year.

Ben and myself decided to wait for the rest. Felix turned up not too long after our stop, followed by Yeok, then Tan and Karen. By this time, Karen looks sick, complains about feeling nausea and wants to vomit. She is definitely getting the altitude sickness, as we ascend higher and the air gets thinner.

After that, Ben and myself move on leaving behind the rest with Biling accompanying them. We passed thru the famous path, The Indiana Jones Crossing (named by Ben) which join the mountain range to the summit trail range. Stop by to take some photos and move on.

Reached the 5.5km point of Mesilau (end of the trail) that joins the 4km point of Timpohon Trail at Layang Layang. We decided to wait for Yeok at the cross junction since she is not too far from us. Rested for a while and move on. This is where the Golden Trail begins and it is consider the toughest at this point. By now most people's energy are very low, legs wobbling and probably getting the altitude sickness. But this is the place where the most beautiful pictures can be taken. My favourite tree is just around the corner and so is Ben’s favourite path.


I reached Waras Hut and I knew its just one more corner before I hit the Laban Rata resthouse. Once I reached the restaurant I saw Wong, William and Felix watching the live telecast of the Thomas Cup semi-final match between Malaysia-Denmark. Eugene and Yi Xi was there too munching some food. Give a high five to everyone for making it to Laban Rata, I quickily got into the room assigned to me, got into my bunk bed, have my hot shower and changed to dry clothing. I put on my sweater and long pants and decided to take a nap. Just make sure I don’t catch a cold and have enuf rest. At that time I was feeling a bit chill. Ate some bread and take two Panadol Soluable and goto sleep. Yi Xi was feeling really bad by looking at his face. He was hit by the altitude sickness. Eugene was helping him up and getting him to eat something, take the Panadol and go to sleep.


Woke up and feeling well rested, the chill is gone. Its dinner time, since I didn’t eat anything except for a small piece of bread before my nap. Ordered my fired meehoon that cost RM11.50 and a pot of hot lemon tea that cost RM3.50 Was with Eugene and Yi Xi for awhile when they decide to get more rest especially Yi Xi. Joined by Ben and Karen. She look stoned and very tired. Not a very good sign for her. After finishing my fried meehoon, I still felt hungry and decided to order a plate of fried rice. I ate half of it and the balance I passed it down to William which have the world of appetite to wallop anything given to him.

Lights off for all and for those who are getting to the summit, we need to wake up at around 2.00am the next morning to start our ascend at 2.30am. As I adjourned back to the room, the lights are off. I believe everyone are asleep, I hope so. How can everyone sleep so earlier, I talked to myself. In darkness, I slowly walk towards my bunk bed trying not to make any noise.

Covered myself with the blanket I tried to sleep but was disturbed by the continuous flashes of lightning outside since I slept near the window. No, please don’t rain. Heard the roar of the thunder too. In no time, it started to pour and it is raining heavily too. Oh my god, we will be on a wet track tomorrow. I still cant sleep and turning around on my bunk bed. Eventually without realizing I dozed off.

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