Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sweating It Out

It was a week of high mileage, clocking a total of 62km to complete my 2 months training in preparation for the coming Penang Bridge Marathon on July 30, 2006. It was tough staying on the road for almost more the 3.5hrs (~33km) on Saturday and I hope this will help me break the mental barrier during the 42km race later. Even with all the intake of PowerGel and energy drink, at the last stage of the LSD my hamstring started to feel a slight cramp and legs are not strong anymore. Anyway I will deal with it on race day if I feel the same again. Other than that I feel good and my body is still holding well.

week 15/7/2006 (sat): Total mileage=62km, 8+5+8+8+33
week 8/7/2006 (sat): Total mileage=20km, 6+6+8+0

Next two weeks are tapering week, and there will be no more LSD till race day. Will just keep the momentum by running on weekdays. Hopefully that shud be good enuf for me.

The other thing I need to made a decision for race day is which pair of shoes shall I go for. One is very stable, well cushion with motion-control. This pair holds very well especially on a longer distance, but the downside is its on the bulky side, heavy and not very responsive. The other pair is a well cushion one but not as stable, and I felt that it does not hold very well over a longer distance. The advantage is its a lot lighter and give me that kicking feeling when I pushing hard to overtake. Anyway I wont lose sleep over it, and hopefully my instinct will tell when I am packing for my trip to Penang.


Carboman said...

you're looking good! in fact, you seemed to have lost some weight! last stage of training - will you be going for your 20k this sat?

lifemou said...

well done man, such a high wonder i felt yr breathings all over my neck for the enitire journey...

fyi, i only did 40km this week...but i shall survive the penang bridge..hehehehe

C-CUBE said...

carboman: i will not b doing 20k next Sat. Need more rest and going back to Melaka to visit my in-laws. can check w the rest, they may run.

lifemou: u will definitely survive. i am the one to worry!!! can i reach the finishing lin w/o walking.

anyway will resume trng for Putrajaya 21k after Penang. Aug is a pack month for me, leaving USA for 2 weeks, then Kuching for a week. That doesnt left much time for trng.
Carboman: if u still interested to buy a pair of Rockport, let me know. will try to get it for you while in US when I hv sometime to do shopping

apekpg said...

See you all at PG. Mind you, haze is coming to Pg. I was at the bridge today and can hardly see Komtar

For those who like yam cake (or Kueh), Bak Chang and red beans soup, there is one shop in Cintra Street selling these. This is the family business and the present owner is the 3rd generation to take the business. You must try these desserts when you are in Pg.

C-CUBE said...

apekpg: that is no good. hopefully it get clear when on Jul 30. btw thx for the tips on the good food. will definitely give it a shot.