Sunday, July 02, 2006

Samba Boys send crashing

Les Bleus of France send the Samba Boys packing home with a very inspirational 1 - 0 victory led by the evergreen ZiZou and the penetrating run of Thierry Henry. It was an outstanding performance by France and give Brasil a run for the money in advancing to the semi-finals. Nobody expect Brasil to lose that way but thats football and part of the game.

Adious Samba Boys !!!


Minny said...

Allez Les Bleus! I predicted them to win the World Cup prior to the start of the tournament on my blog.

Brazil never seemed to hit full form in any of their matches.

C-CUBE said...

The Les Bleus are defying all odds of the position they are in for tis World Cup. They are written off from day 1, consider an Olmans team but look who is talking now. They shud be able to beat Portugal and advance to the Final (based on their form and improvement in every matches they played)