Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Count down

There are 2 countdowns for me towards the end of the week. Both are important to me. The first one is countdown to my company financial year end ie we need to bring in the numbers $$$ to meet the quarter target as well as fulfilling the FY target. Failure to do so will impact my OTE for the year, and this will determine how much I can can spend on what I wanted to buy and also on my vacations. So full concentration to get the orders in are extremely important to me and I hope I can cross the hurdle again without much obstacles.

Secondly is the countdown to the Penang Bridge Run 42k marathon this coming Sunday, 30 Jul 2006 that I am attempting after a long 15 years break. I am currently taking it very easy and not putting pressure on myself. I will go out there and enjoy the race. Although timing is always important in a race, I will be happy if I can finished the race within the sub-5 timing, anything faster than that will be a bonus.

Well, will take each day as it come within the week.

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