Friday, July 07, 2006

Someone cloned PM1 today!!!

PM1 aka Ronnie, the Kapitan of Pacemaker Group

<42.195km gazelle>
: aiya..sombody got no guts to run 42.195km one-lah..always I PR this I PR dat...but always 21km n below...we no respect for u lah...
<pm1>: la.. la.. la.. la.. la.. la.. la.. la.. la.. la.. la.. la..
<ccube>: pm1: no speaaak?? gazelle chelend u wor!!!
<ccube>: summore huntam u kau kau wor!!
<pm1(cloned version)>: dat day hoh..i run in ipoh 21km hoh..gua pia kah cinya kau-lat until LAU-SAI...then hoh i do 1hr 38 minute niah...
<gazelle>: dat after u LAU-SAI in Petro station, got use toilet paper to clean yr back side boh???
<pm1(cloned version)>: .i tell u hoh..i cinya cham hoh...cannot find toilet paper i didn't wipe my arsehole...i ran with my smelly backside until finishing line!!!...but i tell u wat hoh..i save 5 secs for not wiping my arsehole...
<der real Pm1>: woooiiii... who da heck use my name ahh?? TNS use ur own name lah.. ur mother dont hv name for u sibo? Send my regard to ur mother.. TIEEWWW!!!
<der real Pm1>: ccube, der pm1 (cloned version) is not me.. cinya kek sim now :(
<gazelle>: -_-"...wah... i've incited down plz..
<ccube>: PM1:tis is very confusing, u hv cloned version, someone out there trying to whack u kau kau lat!!!!
<ccube>: i think u shud post this in ur pacemaker blog and let everyone hv a laugh!!!!
<gazelle>: pm1 is a lion...
<ccube>: pm1 (cloned version): you r the man, now der real PM1 is confused, cannot der sleep at nite bcos of u
<ccube>: the Face Off - PM1
<the world cup bookie>: -_-"..i've better go n take down some bets and make money..pm1 the lion grarang liao...
<der real pm1>: I not garang lah, juz very TULAN to those ppl use my nick. I'm here to make peace not WAR!! Whoever want to TNS CCB KNN HLK LLM HKL on me, can!! but pls use ur own name. Kam Siah!!

This is so,so,so funny man !!!
PM1, I may not have personally meet you before but I think u r a funny chap.
Thats why ppl also like to make fun of you. Take it EZ man!!!!

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pacemaker said...

WOW!! Suddenly this topic become HOT cake man!!

ahahahaha!!! Do I sound funny meeh? I don't think so le :E

Wait till I pangsai kau-kau lat, then u'll know.. kekekeke!!!