Saturday, July 01, 2006

~ 28k to 29k

week 1/7/2006(sat): Total mileage=48km, 6+8+6+28

After completed the 20k run, ran the Carcosa route twice (I think is about 3.2k per lap) and once around the lake (2.2k per lap) Originally the plan was only one lap along the Carcosa route and one lap around the lake. Since LIFEMOU insisted, we did more than we have planned for today. Anyway was feeling good running the distance and moreover the Carcosa route is not as hot and very little concrete until we joined back the track along the lake. I dont like running along the lake because the track is too hard. Was running on a motion-control high stability shoe today and I did not get the soreness on my arch and sole after the run. Still cannot determine whether is the difference in the shoe or the track itself.

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