Tuesday, July 18, 2006

If u have lots of MONEY

If you have lots of money and have a status of your own, will you divorce your wife and marry someone that is 20 years younger than you (which can actually be your daughter). This is whats happening now in KL (you know who I am refering to), and probably in the minds of those rich fella out there. There are so much hype on it which I felt is totally unnecessary and wasting country resources and in fact bring down the productivity level. I am no fan of such fairy tale marriages which generally does not last long. We saw one that just gone separate ways. Anyway thats their personnal life and I hope they can manage it well, otherwise it will be another separation to come. Just dont splash the money lavishly (anyway its not my money, why bother) and getting publicity out of it. If they are genuine they dont have to do that; like what the Chinese said "Real Gold is not afarid of hot burning fire"

Who is next.......

I am more concern of the haze coming back into the country.

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