Tuesday, July 25, 2006

An Eye for an Eye

Yes, if you still remember the article that I blogged earlier this month about MAS vs AirAsia titled "Hitting Under the Belt" The government (which is the father) is encouraging MAS (the TaiKor - big brother) to hit AirAsia (the Sailow - little brother) left, right and center by taking away floor pricing. Now Sailow cannot take it and retaliate. He is giving TaiKor a big punch on the face, and TaiKor doesnt know what hit him, still seeing stars #$%#^&&@*@.

Hence this big blow that AirAsia is giving out are 500,000 seats at RMO.99 to certain locations within Malaysia. Can MAS compete, I dont think so. Anyway I am happily booked for a flight to Langkawi during the end November 2006 for a family vacation at RMO.99 per person.

Thank you Tony Fernandes and give them another punch this time Under The Belt ie offering Beyond Expectations Fares on your International route.


MAS tagline - Going Beyond Expectations
AirAsia Low Fares Offer tagline - Fares Beyond Expectations


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Carboman said...

I also support Tony & Der Gang! On the matter of floor price and how MAS will play der game, I think it will happen this way.

No way MAS can fight the basement prices that AA offers. So MAS will offer the same destination but with a slight increase in price and with service. Eg. To Langkawi, AA is charging RM10. MAS will offer RM20 (eg) but provide service.

For local flights, AA will rule but for regional flights ppl may want to fork out slightly more for service.

I'm rooting for AA!

ps. Heard that the 99 cents are all sold out. Is that right? And how does the return flight loading work? Heard that you're charged more for the return izzit?

C-CUBE said...

for my reservation, no extra charge on taxes, flat RM70 per head (return). as for the 99cts ticket, u gotta check on the AA website, not sure whether it was soldout, and i am not surprise.