Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Girl Power of World Cup 2006

The World Cup 2006 had ended and to me it was a so-so event. Nothing to shout about, no exciting or outstanding game. The built-up of the group games to the knock-out phase are not heart-breaking at all and to an extent boring. There is no team or player that is outstanding or extraordinary which will leave a legacy behind where everyone can remember.

But one thing for sure, World Cup 2006 had gained lots of momentum in terms of support from the female community. The girl power had lighten up the event compensating those dull and unexciting games that we saw. They have brought so much color to the event from colorful face painting, reviewing attires and the flags of their supported nations. These had not only brighthen up the event but we know for sure football will never be a male dominant sport anymore at least from a supporting fans perspective.

And in view of these, I also got the opportunity to compile some great pictures of these GIRL POWER in action during World Cup 2006 - Germany.

Any last but not least to pump up the energy level before the final game between Italy and France, the sexy Columbian pop diva SHAKIRA sang Hips Dont Lie (World Cup version) in front of almost 60,000 people in the stadium.


lifemou said...

wondering how you always manage to find some "mouth watering" world cup picture.....hehehehe

C-CUBE said...

u dont hv to know, just ask and u will be given !!!