Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wet Wet Wednesday

Today will be a Wet Wet Wednesday, and there goes my run at the Lembah Kiara Park in TTDI. Hopefully it will stop before 6pm, and at least I can catch up in enhancing my endurance. Yesterday while at the park, bumped into some Pacesetters members while taking our shelter after our run because it was pouring. There was this guy by the name of Francis that I started of a conversation with. He was practically giving lots of tips to some new runners around the park on the technics of training and doing long distance running eventually. Extremely passionate while he speaks. Anyway back to the run, I will be at the park if the rain stops. The weather will definitely be very cooling today when the rain stops. Ideal for a longer run and some hill work too. Cherrio!!!!!

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