Sunday, October 09, 2005

Take nothing but Photographs,
Leave nothing but Footprints

Have decided to scale Mt Kinabalu again come next April 2006, and this time hopefully the weather is better. No fix date yet but I can guarantee this time it will be lots of FUN, especially with my climbing/runner buddy LIFEMOU helping to get more buddies of his joining us eg Mr C and possibly 2 other pretty gals from a bank. WOW!!, exciting and cannot wait for next April. LIFEMOU assures me he will convince JXXX C to be with us too. And according to him, just a bit of manja-ling will get this solid leng lui with us. JXXX C was with me in my climb 2 years ago. Are we going to have the DXXX gal that our friend accidentally positioned his eyes onto her August 15th during the Double Jaya Half Marathon......, and also the dry mermaid aka THE LADY IN WHITE DRESS

On the other hand, I am also thinking of doing a charity climb this year, but
just trying to figure out how shall I do it. Maybe for every climber reaching the summit, the donors will have to sponsor RM500 or RM1000 for a charity organisation. For those reading this blog, give me some suggestions. IDEAS, IDEAS, IDEAS......SUGGESTIONS, SUGGESTIONS, SUGGESTIONS

I am ready for the challenge and get my trekking shoes dirty again.


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