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Movies are always very close to my heart in my younger life especially when I was a kid. At this juncture, I would like to thank my dad (an avid movie goer) who brought me to cinemas for movies ie from black n white to colour movies. Even though we are just an average income family, my dad never misses a good movie when it is screen on the silverscreen of cinemas during the good old days. On an average, we as a family visited the cinemas at least twice a month if not more. We got to go to view all kinds of movies from chinese sword fighting movies, love stories movies, war movies and comedies except for hindu/tamil movies and malay movies. The only hindu movie that I remembered watching was something called BOBBY (quite a famous one where the story line surrounds an elephant). During those days most of the Chinese movies are in Mandarin and only in the late 70s and early 80s, we start to get some Chinese movies that are in Cantonese. And its basically started from Sam Hui, my idol during that time. He is practically quite an allrounder entertainer where he can sing and act at the same time. Outdoor movies in the "padang" during chinese festivals are also part of my movies experience, but generally movies shown are old ones.

I still remember actors like David Chiang, Ti Lung, Wang Yu (these are always the good guys) and Lo Lieh, Tien Fung, Sek Kin (the baddies). The one that will always remained my favourite is the original WONG FEI HUNG (black n white movie). The actor is Kwan Tuck Hing as Master Wong together will all his obedient students fighting the baddies. And how can I missed out the actors and actresses of love stories, and ther are Chin Han, Chin Hsien Ling, Tang Kwong Weng, Lin Fong Chiao, Chen Chen, Tien Niu and so many more.

Movie going died off for a while during the late 80s and early 90s, because of the video era where everyone is on those HK-TVB dramas, and SHANGHAI BEACH is one that I can never forget. And it is also where the porno started to penetrate into the movie industries.

Today it has been very different going to a movie. Things are so high tech starting from buying tickets, getting your pop-corn and watching the movie. Sound systems are so much better now, but patrons pay a price for all these. But after all these years, I would always like to make a comparisons of how a movie is being made and this is how it looks like.

Subject: Indian movie vs Chinese movie

Things You Would Never Know Without Indian Movies

1. A man will show no pain while taking the most ferocious beating but will wince when a woman tries to cleanse his wounds.

2. The hero cannot fall in love with the heroine(vice versa) unless they first perform a dance number in the rain.

3. Once applied, make-up is permanent, in rain or in any other situation.

4. Two lovers can be dancing in the field and out of nowhere, 100 people will appear from God-knows-where and join them in the dance.

5. In the final scene, the hero will discover that the bad guy who he is up against is actually his brother and the maid who looked after him is his mother and the chief inspector is his father and the Judge is his uncle and so forth.

6. Key English words used in the movie (usually said out loud between sentences) are By the Way, No Problem!, My God!, Get Out!, Shut-up!, Impossible!,Please forgive me!

7.They drop down on the ground and roll and roll while singing and come out with different clothing.

8. They can run around the coconut trees, singing, batting eyelids, and throwing glances at each other and changing clothes all at the same time without being out of breath.

Things You Would Never Know Without Chinese Swordsman Movies

1. Being the hero's parents will always be unlucky and will usually be killed by enemies when the hero is young, and the hero will become an orphan.

2. When a man is wounded and dying, he always manages to catch his breath and speak a few sentences to reveal the killer before dropping his head and be declared dead.

3. Skilled people are able to fly over roof tops, up trees and across distances without any sweat. But when travelling to towns and villages, they still have to walk or ride horses.

4. The heroes need not have to work for money, but will always have gold and silver with them to pay for their food.

5. The heroes and villains will meet each other very often no matter how big the country is and no matter where they are.

6. Healing internal wounds in the body is as easy as sitting down cross-legged, palms on the knees and smoke coming out from the head.

7. They can keep a lot of stuff in their sleeves and waistband and never drop them (carrying especially lots of those gold and silver ingots)

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