Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Where is my ENDURANCE. I DON'T FEEL GOOD. MY STEPS WERE HEAVY !!!!! Just did about 7km run today in TTDI park but I am still far from being fit as far as I am concern. Very heavy steps, not too sure was it the rubberised track. Or was it the heavy seafood lunch that I had with my customers. Hey bro, dont blame it on the track or the lunch. You are not fit and need to increase your mileage.

No motivation to run today, there is no eye candies as what LIFEMOU had mentioned. Weather was great and just nice to have an evening run. Not too sure why? There are all shying away on a mid week. Maybe I skip my Wednesday run next time. I hope I will be in good shape for my next run ie Great Eastern 20KM by Pacesetters in Jan 2006. Till then and goodnite, and still contemplating to wake up at 2.40am the next morning to watch the Poland-England game but given the way England play, I might give it a miss.
Ol man emu need more rest.

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