Sunday, October 16, 2005

LIFE is sometimes you gotta work on a weekend

I was requested to be at a distributor biz offsite meeting over the weekend in Melaka. Besides having to work, the consolation is that I am having a group of audience that are young, energetic and aggressive, and this make an ol man like me feel a lot younger at least for a day. As usual (and that reminds me when I am a lot younger) these people are fun, full of joy and laughter and enjoy themselves like there is no tomorrow. I believe this are their rights, because you wont get this kind of opportunities when you start a family. Anyway it was a good session, and positive dialogue being exchange and the biz session was well received. There are some team building activities as well to foster better biz partnership and understanding, and probably for me getting to know some eye candies and treat them like my young sisters. Are you SURE, bro? Coincidentally I met the gal that was on that ASTRO advert where she was with her mother-in-law and pinching her husband...... Kind of lucky for me rite!!!!

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