Friday, June 05, 2009

A Happy Journey Starts Like That!!!

This is what the Singapore Government had done to educate SMRT commuters to obey the rules, give way and have some courtesy while inside the train. During my recent visit to the island, I noticed that the younger generation dont give a damn about others and totally have no courtesy at all when in the train. They just jump Q, block the exit door and just walk into the train when it arrives without giving way to commuter who are alighting.

I believed these causes a big concern to the Singapore government and they have pro-actively done something to eductate SMRT users. Whether this will change the attitude of younger communters, time will tell. But at least they are aware of such problems and doing something about it and try to educate and correct the problem.

Well done Singapore.


jue said...

this post cinya hor liao!

rapid kl should play tis at all the lrt station to educate the people. despite putting up huge photo at entrance, people still stand right infront of the door! cinya siow . . .

pm19 said...

Dude, funny thing is that u see this behaviour in Sg every day. On the bus, in the train. If they can cut queue, they will.