Thursday, June 25, 2009

SCKLM 2009 Countdown - 3 days to race day

I hope by now you have charted out your checklist for race day. Dont be surprised the checklist will start with only a short list of items but as days passes by, trust me that list will become longer. And that is why my advise is to get it done asap so that you wont miss anything out.

If you will to read all those articles pertaining to before and after running a marathon, today (3 days from race day) will be the day you start your carbo-loading regime. Trust it or not, its a very individual preference. I personally do not strictly follow the carbo loading regime but I will normally eat my meals with slightly heavier carbohydrates content.

To cut the science story short, the carbohydrates in your meals are broken down and converted into glucose. The glucose are stored in the body and used as a fuel or energy to power up your body in your day-day and sport activities.

Tips for the day......Run your own pace. In a race most runners will generally try to run faster in the beginning 3k to 5k purely because of peer pressure. They see everyone is running faster and make the biggest mistakes in following. You may not have even run at that kind of pace in your training, let alone able to sustain it for the next 35k. Never get into such a situation and by the time you realised that you are already running too fast, its already too late as you might have Hit The Wall by then. So dont get intimitated by the faster runners. Know your pace and respect the distance.

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