Saturday, June 27, 2009

SCKLM 2009 Countdown - 1 day to race day

Today is for you to relax and not walk around too much. Doing long hours of shopping is definitely a BIG no no. Dont think you are Autobots and can transform yourself for tomorrow race. You are just a normal human being. So rest is extremely important today.

Dont try and consume any food that can trigger a stomach upset, especially spicy food. Save it for another day. Eat things that are easily digestable and make clearing your bowel a simple job the next morning. Fruits will be a good source as well. If you are use to taking durians on a pre-race day, go ahead. But dont overeat cos durian will make you feel heavy and lazy.

Continue to hydrate yourself with water, juices and energy drink. Laze around and do some stretching. Stretch your upper and lower body, your thigh and calf muscle need some stretching too.

Tips for the day......

Start slow in the race, a little bit slower than your goal pace. You can start adjusting and increase the pace if you feel good along the race. But if you are feeling some strain and struggling, you better pull back and not to charge faster. Else you will be struggling in the very early stage of the race. Try to sustain and run comfortably till the 28k to 30k mark.

Walk around after you finish the marathon. This will help loosen all the tense muscles. You probably dont feel like doing it but that will help you relax and warm down faster. Try not to sit for too long. You will find that you will recover faster the next day.

And now me signing off and see you at the line. Good Luck.

Remember....No Pain No Gain, But All Respect The Distance.

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