Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Skirts had arrived

Running for female runners will never be the same now. RunningSkirts had hit Malaysia and now all female runners will be able to run in style and look more feminine in races.

Selling at RM160.00 per skirt
And now I am giving a special offer of RM150 per skirt till end July.

Anyone interested please give me a call at 0193289083 or drop me an email at

Size 0 - 22" to 24"
Size 1 - 25" to 26"
Size 2 - 27" to 28"
Size 3 - 29" to 30"
Size 4 - 31" to 33".

The above are sizes of the skirt which match the waistline measurement



jue said...

fuyoh . . .. chooonnnn man!!!!

can't wait to see them on the road :)

Puisan said...

I actually got my fren wendy to get the black/blue skirt for me (coz she was also ordering)

btw....are u gonna bring in the skirts with tights underneath?
Also ru gonna bring in more colours?
I'd really love to wear the navy/white or the navy/pink ones!!!!

C-CUBE said...

jue, yes i also cant wait to see female runners using running skirts instead of shorts. well got lotsa marketing and awareness build for me to do.

pui san, yes the skirts have been passed to Jason which I believe is going to Ipoh today. I didnt bring in the skirts w tights in my first order bcos am not sure whether the ladies like it or prefer the one with a brief. i will definitely bring it in if there is a demand and also more colors in my next shipment. do let me know if u have runnning frenz that like to do a pre-order.

Jamie Pang said...

waaaaaahhhhh! like tat i may force myself to get on the comeback trail liao!

C-CUBE said...

jamie, ur comeback will be just in time for the running community to explode where female runners will be donning RunningSkirts and snub the old faithful shorts. Keeping my fingers crossed.