Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Working Formula

One pack of the Weider IN Jelly consumed before I start my LSD and a bottle of Endurox R4 consumed in the first 5k of my 30k. This is a wonderful formula for me. Give me the energy and the power to last the entire run.

Obviously in between there will be refueling, else See Kiaw Kiaw liao!!!


fruz said...

Hi See Cube,

I'm a newbie runner attempting a 10km run at the SCKLIM. Where can I get those Jelly beans and how much does it cost? Are these more for longer distance runner ( getting there I hope )

Also how I noticed your website where you sell your shoes is dated Feb 09. Is there a latest update of your catalog as I'm browsing for a better shoe maybe later on. Current shoe is a basic running shoe.


C-CUBE said...

fruz, its not jelly beans. its some kind of gel which is in jelly form. Its not just for long distance runner. A form of energy booster. Its selling at RM6.70 at MaxValu supermarket.

U can d/load the catalog from

fruz said...

Thanks C-Cube. Sorry for asking but where is Max Valu supermarket? I've seen power bar gels in guardians.

Many thanks Sir

C-CUBE said...

AFAIK there is one in Desa Park City and another in Ampang (near KL International School)

fruz said...

Thanks C Cube. Will check it out when possible.

All the best in your runs