Friday, June 26, 2009

SCKLM 2009 Countdown - 2 days to race day

Race day is getting nearer by the day. I know you are starting to have butterfly in the stomach, whether u r a newbie or a seasoned runner. Just stay as relax as you can. No point thinking about all the training runs that you have put in especially when one under trained. Now its not the time to ponder on those little things at creep into your mind. Stay calm and be ready on race day.

Just stay focus to relax your mind and body. Read a book, play some games on a PSP or WII to relax yourself. Take your mind off running for the next 2 days. The more you think about it, the more kancheong you will be. If you still feel the kancheongness, a hot bath with Epsom salts (or replace with Sea Salt) can be really relaxing and beneficial.

Tips for the day.....

Keep yourself hydrated not just only on race day. For the next two days ensure your body is properly hydrated. This will keep your body very refreshing and you will feel good about it too. Try not to introduce drinks that you are not used to. Its not the time to test out the latest drink in town. You can do it after the race.

42.195km is a long long way. Do respect the distance. Divide your race into different sections. The first 10k, then the halfway, 30k mark - which is the most significant one, as this is normally where most runners will feel the strain and Hit The Wall. And then finally prepare for a mental battle to take you to the finishing line. (Note: Do the same if you are running a 21k)


jue said...

cinya, u r counting the day and minutes ah? please don't make me kan cheong. i only treat this as my lsd training.

all der best n run an injury free race :)

C-CUBE said...

just provide some infor that I felt runners need to practise and take note of.