Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SCKLM 2009 Countdown - 4 days to race day

Whether you are a seasoned marathoner or doing your maiden run, by now you would have come out with a small checklist for race day. Even if you dont have one, you probably will haave choosen which shoe to wear, which vest and shorts/tights to wear, how many gels to carry along, etc, etc.......

You may also have read some books pertaining to running your first marathon or tips to run an effective marathon. All these are good pre-race information so that you will know wat to expect and be ready on race day.

Most of you will start to have butterfly in your stomach, the kancheongness feeling is starting to build up. From bib collection to anticipating wats gonna happen on the day itself when you line up with fellow runners at the line to start the race.

I will be running the xx marathons, i mean double digit which i have lost count at this moment. But I will still come out with a small checklist for race day just to ensure things are in place and nothing are left out. Its a good practise to get it done now so that you wont forget anything.

As the countdown continue, I will try to provide watever tips and things to do / not to do for race day. So for this posting, start with getting your race day checklist done.

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